Oct. 22, 2019

6 Biggest Creative Mistakes Brands are Making Today

6 Biggest Creative Mistakes Brands are Making Today

1) Volume. Not enough. Too stagnant, don’t change it up enough.

1) Volume. Not enough. Too stagnant, don’t change it up enough.

   * Facebook reports the best performing brands have 11x more creative assets than average brands.

2) No UGC.credibility/trust

   * Incentivize with an email funnel, offer a discount for a video testimonial.
  * Have a FB group where people talk about the niche.

3) Playing it too safe. You have to stand out. Especially in niches where there are other options.

   * One option is be polarizing.
  * Example: leggings. Saturated market. But if you take a polarizing angle, and maybe focus on plus size/body confidence, and polarizing topics related to your niche, people will start listening.

4) Highlighting the wrong points. “What’s in it for me?” - the most common thing audiences ask when they see your ad. You have to highlight user benefits and what makes you unique. Many brands just talk about features, they don’t highlight user benefits.

   * Unique: many brands talk about the same things the other 10,000 competitors are saying, giving no reason to choose them and not the other options.

5) Testing strategy is bad: nonexistent, inconsistent, and/or highly flawed

   * Set a success metric, like ROAS of 2
  * Set a kill metric, something absolutely bad/no hope of keeping. Say, 1.4 - leave some room for gray area but not too much.
  * After a few hundred dollars spend, kill anything on the kill metric, keep anything at the success metric, and anything in the grey area keep an eye on depending on the circumstances.

6) Lack of research: brands don’t look at data and are disconnected with customer

   * Audience Insights on Facebook (ages, genders, demographics, but also interests/pages they like).
  * Instagram hashtags’ top posts in your niche to find the content your audience responds to best.
  * Many brands are unsure of their target audience.

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