June 08, 2021

Analyzing Amazon Reviews for Ad Copy That Convert.

How can Amazon reviews be used for ad copy or product development? Amazon reviews can be used in many different ways. Something I highly recommend is to analyze them to get text or content for your ads. You can either analyze...

June 08, 2021

How to Get Amazon Reviews?

Why are Amazon reviews so important? Amazon reviews are one of the most effective ways to boost brand authority. Most customers read and trust reviews because it's their only way to judge a product they can't physically inspe...

May 21, 2021

Marketing Advice to Local Businesses | ft. Eric Philippou

👉 Local business owners, this video is for you! Marketing has such an impact on how people make decisions, to the point that innovative, well-thought marketing separates successful businesses from others, regardless of the qu...

May 19, 2021

How To Set Audiences That Convert on Facebook | ft. Kevin Joseph

🤔 How well do you know your audience? 🎯 Listen to learn how to convert your ideal audience. Knowing who you are targeting, their needs, and pain points are primordial to drive successful campaigns. The more specificities you ...

April 30, 2021

How to Grow Your Revenue with Email Marketing Ft. Jessica Totillo Coster

Email marketing remains one of the most powerful and trusted tools to attract and retain customers. Our guest today is Jessica Totillo Coster, an eCommerce and Email Marketing Strategist. She founded the eCommerce Badassery a...

April 23, 2021

Creating Video Ads that Convert | ft. Lauren Schwartz

New social media platforms and UGC have changed the way people interact with ads. In today’s episode, we will be diving into different techniques to build profitable creative strategies on social media with the Creative Adver...

April 16, 2021

Best Facebook Ad Format in 2021| Video Ads or Image Ads?

Knowing what ad format performs better for your brand's audience will determine the performance of your ad. This video will help you understand what ad formats you should be using to have more conversions in your Facebook ads...

April 09, 2021

eCommerce Email Marketing Tactics - Best Tips for 2021! | ft. Daniel Budai

Creating a strong email marketing strategy helps you reach and connect with your target audience in a personalized way and increase sales at an affordable cost. It allows you to stay top of mind, build trust AND authority wit...

April 07, 2021

The Best Way to Do Instagram Marketing in 2021| ft. Prithvi Madhukar

Instagram is one of the most important social platforms online for promoting your brand. Any marketer not using it is missing out on easy opportunities. Whether you manage a big corporation or a small business social media, i...

April 02, 2021

BEST Facebook Ad Testing Strategy Today | Get Consistent Results!

One problem I see with brands is that they either test too much or don't have a structured approach to their Facebook ad tests. Two types of creative testing you can apply to your ads are 1. Iterations and 2. New concepts. Yo...

March 31, 2021

Best Social Media Marketing Strategies for Online Businesses | ft. Melissa Berrios

Social media marketing is a great opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs to connect with customers, grow brand awareness, and drive sales. But where do you even start? And which strategy will work best for you? Me...

Marketing Tips Interview Entrepreneurship

March 26, 2021

Landing Pages Tips | Increase Conversion Rate Optimization

First impressions matter. They can make or break an opportunity. Your landing page is your first impression of your potential customer's encounter with your brand. Well-crafted landing pages that provide value for the custome...

Conversion Rate Optimization Landing Pages

March 24, 2021

How To Use Humor in Facebook Ads | Facebook Ad Creatives | Mar. 24th

Humor in ads has proven to make an emotional connection with consumers, boosting revenue and brand awareness. It can quickly grab the audiences' attention, associate the positive emotions connected from the ad with the brand,...

Marketing Tips Facebook Marketing Facebook Ad Creatives

March 19, 2021

How To Create Desire and Demand for Your Product

The foundation for all sales is the desire and a need to meet a customer's interest. This seems too simple, doesn't it? Desire, demand, and need are key factors for selling your e-commerce product faster and getting customers...

Marketing Tips Conversion Rate Optimization

March 17, 2021

Facebook Ad Copy that Gets People to Click | Disruption Hooks

Hooks in your ad copy are among the most important parts of your ad because marketing hooks attract clients to make a purchase. In this video, I show you what it's like to work with disruptive advertising to use in your ad co...

Facebook Marketing Marketing Tips Conversion Rate Optimization

March 12, 2021

How To Write Ad Copy That Sells | Scarcity and Urgency

The power of using scarcity and urgency is fundamental to increase sales. Customers tend to act quickly when an item is important and buy when an item is scarce enough. Using these two techniques influences the customer’s beh...

Facebook Marketing Entrepreneurship Conversion Rate Optimization

March 10, 2021


How do you scale your business fast? It's not an easy journey, but I did it, and you can do it too. Here is my story on how I left my programming job to build my multi-million dollar business. Watch and learn from my entrepre...

Founder Talks Interview Entrepreneurship

March 05, 2021

Facebook Ad + Landing Page Tips that CONVERT

Build your customer base and increase conversions by taking advantage of landing pages and awesome creative ads. Learn how factors like relevance, credibility, interest, and creativity impact how successful a brand advertises...

Marketing Tips Landing Pages Facebook Marketing Brand Audit

March 03, 2021

BEST Facebook Ad Today | Facebook Ad Creatives | Mar. 1

Why aren't your Facebook ads converting? Creating Facebook ads that catch the eye, appeals emotionally, and converts can be challenging. That's why following the right sales funnel could target your audience quickly. Join me ...

Facebook Marketing Creatives Landing Pages Facebook Ad Creatives

February 26, 2021

REALISTIC Day in the Life of a SUCCESSFUL Marketing Manager

Marketing managers have a process for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that give customers/brand value every day. How do these quality skills influence their daily life within a work setting and i...

Founder Talks Business

February 24, 2021

Top 3 AMAZING Facebook Ads This Week | Facebook Ad Creatives | Feb. 22

Creating Facebook ads that catch the eye, appeals emotionally, and converts can be challenging. That’s why following the right sales funnel could be beneficial to target your audience quickly. Join me in this series where I b...

Creatives Facebook Marketing Landing Pages Facebook Ad Creatives

February 19, 2021

What Makes a Successful Business Leader? Ft. Dean Newlund

Having the right leadership mindset is the key to having a successful business. Business leaders are responsible for building trust, motivating team members, and creating the company's culture. Dean Newlund is the founder and...

Business Founder Talks Entrepreneurship

February 17, 2021

Best Facebook Ad Script Template that CONVERTS

Not knowing where to start to make an ad can be tricky, but what if you could make a successful ad by following 7 steps? Learn how to create effective Facebook ads by following the steps to increase conversions and audience e...

Marketing Tips Facebook Marketing Conversion Rate Optimization

February 12, 2021

3 MINUTE IOS 14 Facebook Business Manager Setup [TUTORIAL]

Follow this LESS THAN 3 MINUTES step by step tutorial on how to set up your web events manager on Facebook Business Manager to get your domain configured properly! Voy Media has 5 job positions open! Click the link below to a...

Business Facebook Marketing