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Advertising Based on State of Awareness - Facebook Ads

Aug. 28, 2020

Advertising Based on State of Awareness - In this episode, we break down all the different states of awareness that exist in marketing and how to overcome them.

Ecommerce Upsell Funnels - 4 Best Upsell Funnel Examples

Aug. 21, 2020

Ecommerce Upsell Funnels - 4 Best Upsell Funnel Examples Today you will learn:

How Scales Paid Traffic With Landing Pages & UGC Creatives

Aug. 14, 2020 - This action-packed episode is brought to you by the performance marketing experts at Voy Media.

Founder Talks Marketing Tips SEO

Chloë Thomas of eCommerce MasterPlan

Aug. 4, 2020

Chloe Thomas is an author and creator of eCommerce MasterPlan, which has evolved into a business that helps eCommerce entrepreneurs make better decisions.

The Scaling Playbook Of The Fastest Growing Mens Wellness Brand

July 21, 2020 - This action-packed episode is brought to you by the performance marketing experts at Voy Media. Hims is on a much different trajectory, at least for now. Just two years after launching, Hims has reached $100 million in annual subscription revenue and is growing so fast that …

How Lumin Skincare Scales Paid Traffic With FREE Trial Landing Pages & UGC Creatives

July 16, 2020

What Lumin Does Well Ad Creatives An absurd amount of creative and angle testing Landing Pages Good Landing Pages to educate the audience on their product. AOV + CLTV Smart AOV boosters and pushing for subscriptions for higher CLTV. This action-packed ep…

Introducing The Keep Optimising Marketing Podcast

July 15, 2020

Check it out on at

How Dr. Squatch's Founder Pockets Millions Selling Soap Online Without Succumbing To The Volatility Of Inventory Forecasting

June 30, 2020


Abbigail Davidson on ADA compliance

June 25, 2020

Abbigail Davidson has a Baccalaureate in English and Communications with over fifteen years of professional Marketing and Web Development experience implementing proven innovative ideas that improved websites, databases, and the overall user’s experience using methods that drove traffic, conversion…

Neal Schaffer and The Age of Influence

June 23, 2020

Neal Schaffer, an internationally recognized social media marketing expert, explains how that shift plays a significant role in online marketing in the Influencer Era. Influencer marketing is about establishing relationships, turning fans into influencers, and leveraging that influence to share you…

Voy Media x Revealbot Community Chat

June 15, 2020

Here's the replay of our second community chat with Reggie Paquette from Revealbot. Here's what we talked about:

Scaling with Subscription Models: Lifetime Value, Repeat Business, Creatives, Retargeting, and more

June 12, 2020

In this episode learn how to properly scale your recurring subscription business. 

Digital Marketing & Coronavirus: 100 Days Later

June 5, 2020

In this episode, you will find out what is happening in the e-commerce and Facebook ads space now that we have been living a corona world.

Media Buying and Planning for Agencies with Jeromy Sonne

June 3, 2020

Meet Jeromy, full-time Dad + Husband, most of the time digital media strategist. Jeromy and his family are travelers having most recently been based out of Denver, CO before hitting the road. Jeromy has 9+ years of digital media buying experience most of which revolves around Facebook ads. He’s has…

Business Facebook Marketing Marketing Tips

Cashvertising - How To Apply For Better Facebook Ads

May 28, 2020

Learn how to apply Cashvertising principles to your ads and how we have been able to increase the ROAS of a few brands we work on.

Facebook Marketing

Broad Targeting vs Narrow Targeting on Facebook Ads

May 25, 2020

Find out why you NEED to be using broad targeting on Facebook Ads today!

Founder Talks Marketing Tips

Dominating SMS Ecommerce Marketing With Dennis Hegstad

May 22, 2020

Dennis is the CEO & Founder of LiveRecover. LiveRecover is a text message abandoned cart recovery for e-commerce stores online. Our human-powered sales team texts your customers in real-time, converting carts into sales.

Brand Audit Facebook Marketing

Noom - How They're Using Facebook Ads To Drive User Growth

May 11, 2020

Today we do a brand audit of Noom. Noom helps you build healthier habits to lose weight, no dieting needed. Get personalized support every step of the way. You can do it with Noom