Jan. 3, 2020

Increasing Customer Lifetime Value (or Improve Repeat Purchase Rate)

Increasing Customer Lifetime Value (or Improve Repeat Purchase Rate)



  • Customer Lifetime Value is how much you earn from each newly acquired customer.
  • By increasing the lifetime value of a customer, you can earn more money long-term, AND afford higher acquisition costs on paid advertising.
  • This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT as costs to advertise increase.

E: Tip #1: Email

  • An engaged email list is great for getting repeat purchases out of your customers.
  • The truth is, the only things you truly own in digital are your website and email lists. Social media and everything else is rented.

K: Tip #2: Organic Social

  • Many customers likely follow you on social media. Keep them engaged with your brand.
  • Post a high volume of organic social content on as many platforms as you can. 5 posts a day, ideally.
  • Use engagement metrics to determine what content is best.
  • BONUS: look at relevant Instagram hashtags for top-performing organic content inspiration. THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE WHO FOLLOW YOUR NICHE ENJOY SEEING IN THEIR FEEDS.

E: Tip #3: Facebook Groups

  • Facebook is pushing for this, group posts get more reach than organic posts, they’re even more quote-unquote “organic” than organic posts, and they’re a great way to build a community with your brand.
  • Groups are becoming what organic social used to be. Since so many people follow so many different things now, the regular news feed is less intimate or personal.
  • These are great for finding User Generated Content! People post pictures and videos using your product. User generated content is great for ads.

K: Tip #4: Customer Service

  • Good customer service will make a great impression on customers. They are more likely to do business with you if they know you can address any questions they might have in a timely fashion.
  • Facebook Chat and Messenger apps are quickly becoming the preferred way for customers to communicate with brands, more so than email or phone. A lot of brands don’t realize this.

E: Tip #5: Customer Feedback Surveys

  • Incentivize feedback surveys
  • Bucket.io
  • You can make custom audiences based on certain peoples responses.

K: Tip $6: Increase Average Order Value:

  • Increasing your average order value will raise your customer lifetime value. Subscription plans, upsells, bundles, post-purchase upsells, can all help you do this.
  • Check out our epside increasing Average Order Value that gives you all of the details.

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