June 30, 2021

The Secrets to Building a Successful Local Business | ft. Neel Parekh

The Secrets to Building a Successful Local Business | ft. Neel Parekh

Some people think only big global companies generate lots of money.

Well, let me tell you something: they are wrong. Having a local business is so much more profitable than some might think. But, being able to understand the global marketing tactics and bring them down to the local level is definitely something you need.

So, what are the tactics? What are the secrets to building a thriving local business?

In today’s episode, my guest is Neel Parekh, the Founder and CEO of MaidThis, a top-rated cleaning service in Los Angeles. He offers hassle-free house cleaning for busy individuals and vacation rental hosts, and has generated millions in revenue while having a fully remote team.

Listen to this new episode to get his precious advice.


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